Woman obsessed with cellphone, died from drowning into river

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Kat TheFanEnthusiast (1452847891)
People should learn how to swim...
Andrea sevi (1452542369)
ella murió
Letta Mego (1452453821)
Remember history and the small pox blankets handed out to the Indians by
the government.. that killed the great majority of them?
Cell phones are the modern Indian blankets... We love them like a blanket
in the winter.
Mostly we die from the diseases they cause... but we also die from
accidents they cause.
Phanbot01 (1452223495)
She forgot to install that app called "Watch Where Your Walking"!
daniel ganchozo (1452191306)
I can't believe it. This clip must be in 1000 ways to die.... Maybe she was
writting in her phone and didnt realize she whas underwater 😒 oh yes,
that's what happened
G-Denii sup (1452172241)
que estupida
André Rovalino (1452153024)
she didnt die tf
Jose Chumbes (1452137101)
alguien que habla español saludos
h0t n sp!cy (1452131585)
danielagentemarbella (1452130085)
no era apple seria samsung ;)
bbaaaalll (1452115476)
what do you expect? made in china... born in china.
oscar caballero (1452114870)
pa k kieres saber eso jaja saludos.
Maxi FerraraTV (1452110461)
and that's why you shouldn't see vines while walking
Sam Stones (1452105430)
it's totally deserved, because of her stupidity
Anna Taino (1452103924)
Was she drunk?
Isto é um Assalto (1452096262)
Brasil?? Brasil??
pek pon (1452076860)
she hit her crotch?
Sometimes people should look where to step on, or the end will be bad for
Maybe she knows how to swim

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