Bangkok bombing: CCTV of suspect emerges - BBC News

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monogramadikt (1446950583)
just imagine what it must feel like to be a palestinean dealing with
israeli extremists 24/7
Fakhrul Nazhi (1442867082)
Ümit Kartal (1442277162)
I think Terrorist Bomber is China secret service element..China Goverment
is making internal turmoil in Thailand by kill the innocent thai peoples
..Because China Goverment want to make Thaksin Shinawatra Thailand of
President future again.
NeonMolowen (1441902366)
Inside jerb
Haziq Hizamri (1441028425)
When a non-muslim creates a crime, he/she is called a criminal

But when a muslim creates a crime, he/she is called a terrorist

What a nice mentality you guys have
Iwane Matsui (1440943626)
pray for thailand.
The bomber is a fucking muslim retard from Turkgay!
Thailand, well done! Good job Thai brothers!
TR (1440908522)
My condolences. We cry with you. But dont kill Uighurs.
Timur chin (1440873904)
thailand police catch the guy , he is american jew
Don Gato (1440756160)
Southern Thai or middle eastern Islamic extremist wearing an obvious
tourist disguise. Who else is going to attack a beloved H I N D U shrine
BassJoga24 (1440635335)
what a scumbag american christian terrorist .
Moneybill01 (1440420579)
.1 megapixels
Seth B. (1440414350)
"An army of sweepers"
parameswaran s (1440336402)
Religions are haunting the humans now, innocents must be protected.
Humanity must be restored.
oceanyt8 (1440312549)
red and yellow, both accomplice until new proof surface.
oceanyt8 (1440312325)
Human kind may not do much, anyone who involved or even lil relation, get
ready,..they are coming for you. .You may escaped alone. It will falls to
anyone related to you. Dare you to light at the most sacred place.
Ella Shy (1440264227)
What's wrong with Islam? Are they becoming mass murderers because some
verses in Islam are hypnotising them?
Mela Dee (1440262342)
This breaks my heart. Some of the nicest people I've ever met are Thai.
They have a beautiful, rich culture. Who could want to harm them?
jackie xian (1440219114)
those Islamic extremists have announced a war to the world. All the
religions and innocent people, no matter Buddtists and Christian or
peaceful Islamist ar targets!
Amira Al Bosely (1440155465)
Just wait few weeks/months/years and that topic is at the end of the big
list of bomb blasts.

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