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Centuries-old salamander found in Chongqing

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Текстовые комментарии (20)
Dino Decos (1452914182)
Apparently you see less than a minute of a video and everyone thinks
they're a professional, yeah okay.
Staydown777 (1452850860)
Set it free damnit, I hope the poor fella wont be eaten by them chinese -.-
mvpmickey1 (1452321513)
Survived 200 years in a cave by itself
...people decided to so called "Protect" by placing in a pool
More like decided to make money of it, specially when it dies and be sold
as the rarest expensive meal

If they really wanted to protect such rare find then ban people from
entering its cave like how we protected the oldest plant/animal/human
artwork in the planet
The government banned people from visiting such places/things but why give
exemption to this salamander?
Obvious reason: Capitalist mentality
They don't really want to protect it but rather want to earn from it.
Eratosthenes (1452096513)
I read that name out as "Qui-Gon Jinn" ._.
VGRPlay (1452020627)
omg they found Gigginox!
The HeartBrokenBiker (1451659545)
Someone somewhere in the world must be thinking "I wonder how it tastes" :3
6packter (1451584386)
Racist prejudiced westerners sitting on their high horses. Do u think
chinese scientists have not considered all the options?
Spurdo Spider (1451467771)
Black people die every day ... no one bats an eye

turd pulled out of its habitat ... ASPCA faggots lose their shit
Peter Konrad Konneker (1451325692)
Charles Collins (1451316370)
Remember that time captivity of any species was good for the specimen?
Yeah, me neither. Why are humans so arrogant? There is no other reason for
this creature to be taken away from its home besides greed. If they didn't
want it found, then don't make a report. Do it for less reputable things,
God forbid they do it to extend and protect. Yes, I am pissed. Fuck these
rumpelstiltzkin1 (1451028664)
free billy dammit
Wemja (1450957720)
The giant salamander was about 1.4 meters long and weighed 52 kilograms.
I find it disturbing that they used a past tense. Did they kill it?
MrTufsen7 Kim (1450956500)
we've found salamander papa Franku
Richard M. Liedholm (1450739799)
"authorities believe could be more than 200 years old" Well.. i believe i'm
god, now make me famous!
TheNorwegianViking (1450728473)
How did i end up here?
Roy Atias (1450723869)
I hate to be this guy but this makes me sick ! people find something and
think its a good way to get money and takes him out from hes natural
habitat and possible home where he been living for the next 2 centuries !
makes me sick
road to kappa (1450655216)
Lol a small loan of a million wiews and only 400 likes like wtt
Carlos Concha (1450655135)
lo interesante es que, vivio 200 años en la naturaleza, pero con suerte
viviva 1 o 2 junto a los humanos indeoendiante de que la traten bien o no.
Dan Pery (1450652236)
tiraram a coitada do hábitat natural pra viver em cativeiro. aff... o ser
humano eh um lixo mesmo
sara zai (1450641429)
hope the china people wont eat it.

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